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tap-titans-2-best-artifacts-relic-hero-pet-prestige-time-guideTap Titans 2 Best Artifacts, Relic, Heroes, Pets, Prestige Time Guide with more relevant information for consumption. This post is lacking certain more in-depth content new to the game being new and certain things taking time to unlock. Check back in the near future for added advice.

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Tap Titans 2 Best Guide

Best Artifacts

Obtaining artifacts and equipment is the only real way to get to the furthest stages. Once an artifact is purchase it will stay with you even if you prestige which is where the benefit is. When purchasing with relics it’s best to get to the highest stage possible for the most relics when prestiging.

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Relics are earned when you prestige. The further the stage you get to before prestiging the more relics you’ll get towards purchasing Artifacts.

Best Prestige Time

To prestige you will need to have your main characters level up to 600 at least and then choose the prestige option from the bottom of the character upgrade menu.

Best Heroes

The best hero is the strongest you can afford. First time purchase or upgrading the highest ranking hero will offer the biggest DPS increase, though upgrading the heroes before can be more cost efficient, about 40% cheaperish varying downwards. The higher the level the less cost effective it is to increase further for DPS and the better to get a new hero or improve the highest ranking one you have. The key to unlocking the strongest heroes is moving forward in Tap Titans 2. After a certain difficulty has been reached leveling up lower end characters is more important for the passive bonuses than the DPS.

Best Pet

Very early in the game pets will become available. As the timer goes down more eggs can be hatch for eith a passive pet or a pet that can be selected for specific buffs.


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