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tap-titans-2-cheats-tips-tricks-auto-turbo-tap-gold-farmingTap Titans 2 Cheats Tips & Tricks for making this app even funnier adding more auto play options, especially for people getting tired hands from tapping too much. Check back in the near future for updated content along with more cheat, tips and tricks.

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Tap Titans 2 Tips & Tricks

Fairies – Fairies will fly across the top of the screen holding chests. Inside the chests are different bonus that include gold, free ad chances for paid currency, and temporary DPS buffs (might want to initiate boss fight before taping fairy for more DPS).

Gold Farming – Gaining gold is one of the biggest goals as it directly ties to progress with upgrading almost everything. Using an auto tapper app like the one below for a turbo effect and then letting it go with your main character is the most efficient way to farm for gold. Activating the Hand of Midas will produce a large amount of gold depending how built up the skill is.

The further your stage the more gold can be earned from daily bonuses, titans, bosses and other bonuses so moving ahead means more bang for your buck. Staying in one location to build up strength can make more gold than moving ahead once titans can be defeated in one hit, this lets enemies die super fast for rapid earnings of gold.

Chesterson is a chest that will randomly spawn as a normal titan and is worth much more gold than normal. Certain skills and hero buffs will increase the spawn and reward amount of Chesterson.

Having the best Artifacts, Relics, Heroes and Pets can dramatically increase the rate of progression through the app along with rate of gold earned.

Tap Titans 2 Cheats

Auto/Max Tap – Having to tap over and over can be extremely tiresome and probably not healthy for repeated motion over time. Using an app like HiroMacro will allow for auto tapping when the device is on, your main character will be tapping faster DPS than you could do by hand and all while expending no energy saving it for other things adding more auto play depth. These apps may need a rooted or jail broken device, you can view a list of auto tap or motion memory apps on Google Play if HiroMacro doesn’t work for you, most should be free.

A weird glitch happened will using the KoPlayer free emulator for PC and using the HiroMacro app, after much trouble shooting only deleting unused scripts made the program run correctly again (Play wouldn’t tap in recorded location).


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