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tap-titans-2-wiki-guide-tips-tricks-cheats-walkthroughTap Titans 2 Wiki and Guide with Tips & Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough and more depending on popularity. Tap Titans 2 is a free to play Role Playing game that has the ability to play while the app is close for consistent gameplay. Check back in the near future for updates and improvement to this wiki and guide.

Tap Titans 2 Wiki & Guide

Tap Titans 2 Best Artifacts Relic Hero Pet Prestige Time Guide

Tap Titans 2 Cheats Tips Tricks Auto Turbo Tap Gold Farming

Tips & Tricks

Chesterson – Chesterson is the name of a chest enemy/titan that will randomly spawn depending on the available bonus for it to do so. When defeated Chesterson will drop a larger amount fo gold than the usual titan besides bosses.


For most mobile games cheats are never an option due to the fact it cuts into the developers profits and Tap Titans 2 cheats are no different. The good news is that you can use an app called HiroMacro to mimic the actions of tapping the screen and let the game play by itself. This is extremely useful since this app can be murder on your hand when playing for long periods of time. The only down side is that your device may need to be rooted and it may not work that well on all devices as son auto taps can hit off there intended mark.



Download Tap Titans 2 on Google Play for Android

Download Tap Titans 2 on iTunes for iOS


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